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Surgery on animals is different, since mostly was running in bulk, especially in the farm. To meet the requirement of Veterinary surgery, Cassette sutures was developed to fit the bulk surgeries like the Female Cat Sterilization operation and others. It offers the thread length from 15 meters up to 100 meters per cassette. Very suitable for operate surgery in bulk quantity. Standard size that can be fixed in the most size Cassette Racks, this makes the veterinary can focus on the surgery that no need to change the size and sutures during the procedure.

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Making by the medical grade compound, the cassette offered a clear view to the internal that easy to identify the rest quantity in the reel. The internal reel was designed up to 100 meter length to save the cost and expenses. The thicker wall design offer a strong shield to the cassette, which provide the utmost protection on the sutures, even with liquid inside. Medical grade rubber sealer keep the cassette always in the non-bacterial condition to ensure every inch suture applied to surgery keep sterilization till taken out. Special sealing technique keep the cassette unified in one body, that enhance the safety of cassette during the transportation. aramid

The cassette sutures has a very wide range within Wegosutures, covers all absorb and non-sorb material, from Catgut till Supramid, from USP size 4/0 up to #10. We also open for customer design and customer made, 150meter length already supplied to client base on customer made, even with taped sutures available as well as anti-bacterial sutures similar with the Plus sutures form Ethicon. Own Brand Labeling and OEM business also opened as options.
Consistent supplying is the one of the keys to success, we offered the distributor/agent very easy Minimize order quantity as well as a fast delivery base on our high capacity on in house manufacturing.

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