Wego Needle

A surgical suture needle is an instrument used for suturing various tissues, using a sharp tip to bring the attached suture into and out of the tissue to complete the suture. The suture needle is used to penetrate the tissue and place sutures to bring the wound/incision close together. Although there is no need for suture needle in the process of wound healing, choosing the most appropriate suture needle is of great significance to ensure wound healing and reduce tissue damage.

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WEGO surgical needles for regular suture are made by the full machines and technique from US with AlS1420 or AlSI470 alloy composed of C/Si/Mn/P/S/Ni/Cr element and so on. The optimized precision tip geometric offers an outstanding penetration performance with excellent balance with bending and ductility. Needles for specialty sutures from US/Europe/Japan covers the micro needles. Available needle length from 3 mm to 90 mm, hole diameter from 0.05 mm to 1.1 mm, wire diameter from 0.14 mm to 1.6 mm, under SKI needle, 1/4 circle, 1/2 circle, 3/8 circle, 5/8 circle, straight and compound curve. The main features of WEGO surgical needles are superior sharpness realized by needle body/tip shape, design and silicone-coating technique and high ductility due to the material property hard to break. In order to meet doctors' needs, we offer a wide range of needles with more than 10,00 combinations of specifications. The needles are classified into taper point/round body, cutting, reverse cutting, premium cutting/ cutting reverse, blunt point, taper cut, trocar, calcified coronary, diamond and spatula needles.

Wego Needle
Wego Needle


Wego Needle

TA-Taper Point/Round Body; RC-Reverse Cutting; CU-Conventional Cutting; BL-Blunt Point; TC-Taper Cutting; P-Premium Reverse cutting; PC-Premium Cutting;

Needle Curve: 1/2 circle-170; 3/8 circle-135; 5/8 circle-225; straight-000

Needle Length: The unit is mm and 2 digits. As like 40 is 40 mm.

Hole/Wire Diameter: The unit is 0.01 mm and 2 or 3 digits. As like 40 is 0.4 mm/100 is 1 mm.

For example: TA170162551AS is Taper point, 1/2 circle, 16 mm length, hole diameter 0.25 mm, wire diameter is 0.51 mm, stainless steel is 420 series and silicon coating.


1.High Sharpness
Through the unique design of the needle tip shape, unique coating treatment and advanced drilling technology, the soft tissue is sutured with the least damage and the hard tissue is sutured with the strongest penetration force.

2.High Durability
The unique coating treatment ensures the durability of the needles and the needle will not become dull after repeated stitching.

As showed in picture, compared with the data of the same needle after 10 penetration tests, the penetration force difference is very small


Wego Needle

3.Good Fabricability
The needle hole part is in the middle, the size is uniform, after special treatment, the needle and thread connection operation is simple and the connection strength is high.

4.Various Customized Models
Many customized models can meet a variety of clinical needs, and each model can be mass produced.

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