Sterile Monofilament Absoroable Polyglecaprone 25 Sutures With or Without Needle WEGO-PGCL

Synthesized by Poly(glycolide-caprolactone) (also known as PGA-PCL), WEGO-PGCL suture is monofilament rapid absorbable suture which USP range from #2 to 6-0. Its color can be dyed into violet or undyed. In some cases, it is the ideal option for wound closing. It can be absorbed by body upmost 40% after implanted in 14-day. PGCL suture is smooth thanks to its mono thread, and will has less bacteria grew around sutured tissue than multifilament ones.

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WEGO-PGCL suture can be used in various surgeries from close soft tissue or subcuticular to ligation which needs high initial tensile strength at first 14 days.

The best-selling specification for PGCL is from USP 2-0 to 6-0 in dyed violet or undyed. It can be fitted with multiple WEGO needle. Cutting edged or reverse cutting edged needle tip with WEGO PGCL suture provides the best penetration with lower resistance. Taper point needle tip with WEGO PGCL suture leaves the smallest wound on tissue than other needle types. Cutting needle tip with round bodied needle body (also named taper cut in WEGO needle) with WEGO PGCL suture will cross tissue with less resistance and smaller wound when suturing.

Not only needle type has kinds of choices, but also package way for WEGO PGCL suture has varieties. The general package way for WEGO PGCL wrapped into paper card with shape “8”, put into inner pouch and packaged into outer bag, and this package will take twice sterilization. To reduce the damage from sterilization, WEGO PGCL suture has another way to pack, which is wrap PGCL suture into paper card with shape “8” and packed into double-Aluminium bag. Also, to reduce the paper card may cause the mono WEGO PGCL suture memorize wrapped shaping way, it has the third package way for wrapped into plastic race trail with shape “0” and packed into double-Aluminium bag.

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