1.Q: What is your Price terms?

A: Our price terms are usually EXW and FOB China. The unit price of the product will be determined according to your purchase demands.

Material, packaging method, purchase quantity and so on are all factors affecting the price.

Therefore, we hope that when making an inquiry, please try to clarify your requirements.

2.Q: Why we choose your PGA?

A: The PGA threads made by us has the special structure, big size bundle and small size core strand brings softness and strength to the PGA thread. It is more stable and make the better performance in the natural degradation of sutures, slower degradation.

3.Q: How about OEM business?

A: OEM is available. Charge usually based on the artwork confirmed. Good quality improved by US and Germany customer. We also carry on ODM that developing specific sutures per your request.

4.Q: We prefer to choose 300 series surgical suture needles, why most suture factories still use 420 series surgical suture needles?

A: For regular surgeries,420 series surgical suture needle is strong enough, this is why most suture factories still use 420 series surgical suture needles. But for ophthalmic surgery and cardiovascular surgery, 300 series surgical suture needle is the best choice now. We produce 420 series surgical suture needles by our own and import 300 series surgical suture needles from USA, Germany and Japan.

5.Q: What is the difference between PGA and PGLA suture threads?

A: As we know, there is no much difference between PGA and PGLA suture threads. PGLA was developed from PGA because of patent issue.

6.Q: Because of BSE, we don't want to use Catgut sutures, which material can we choose to replace Catgut sutures?

A: It's better to choose PGA sutures. For the thread tensile strength, smaller size of PGA thread is strong enough, such as, PGA USP 1# Metric 4 is equal to Catgut USP 1# Metric 5. And using PGA thread can avoid the tissue reaction.

7.Q: Can you help to source other medical products?

A: Yes, we can. It will be our great pleasure to be your sourcing agent in China.
The first choice is sourcing the medical products you need from our Group company, Wego Group, the leader of medical device and pharmaceutical products manufacturer of China. Please visit and  or more information.
The second choice base on our experiences in the medical consumables field for more than 10years, we have good cooperation with many other manufacturers, there is no problem help you to find satisfied items.

8. Q: What kind of certificates do you have for sutures?

A: We have CFDA registration, USFDA registration, CE, ISO13485, ISO14001, ISO9001,Halal, MDSAP certificates for the most sutures, please contact us for details.

9.Q: Do you have fluorescent color sutures for vet use?

A: Yes, fluorescent color sutures available on polypropylene, Nylon and Supramid sutures.

10.Q:What's the difference between PGA and PGLA in material?

A: PGA is chemically composed of 100% Polygolycolic Acid, while PGLA is Poly(glycolide-co-lactide) (90/10), which composed by 10% PLA with 90% PGA..

11.Q: What is your payment term?

A: recommended by TT payment. 30% advance to issue the order, 70% before shipment. Letter of Credit also welcomed.