Dental Implant System

  • Implant Abutment

    Implant Abutment

    Implant abutment is the middle part connecting the implant and the upper crown. It is the part where the implant is exposed to the mucosa. Its function is to provide support, retention and stability for the crown of the superstructure. The abutment obtains the retention, torsion resistance and positioning ability through the inner abutment link or the outer abutment link structure. It is one important part in the Implant System. Abutment is an auxiliary device of implant in dental restoration...
  • WEGO Implant System–Implant

    WEGO Implant System–Implant

    Implant teeth, also known as artificial implant teeth, are made into root like implants through close design of pure titanium and iron metal with high compatibility with human bone through medical operation, which are implanted into the alveolar bone of the missing tooth in the way of minor surgery, and then installed with abutment and crown to form dentures with structure and function similar to natural teeth, To achieve the effect of repairing missing teeth. Implant teeth are like natural t...
  • Staright Abutment

    Staright Abutment

    Abutment is the component connecting implant and crown. It is an essential and important component, which has the functions of retention, anti torsion and positioning.

    From a professional point of view, the abutment is an auxiliary device of the implant. It extends to the outside of the gingiva to form a part through the gingiva, which is used to fix the crown.

  • WEGO Dental Implant System

    WEGO Dental Implant System

    WEGO JERICOM BIOMATERIALS Co., Ltd was founded in 2010.It is a professional Dental Implants system solution company engaged in the R&D, manufacture, sales and training of dental medical device. Main products include dental implant systems,surgical instruments, personalized and digitalized restoration products, so as to provide one-stop dental implant solution for dentists an patients.