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The academic name of acne is acne vulgaris, which is the most common chronic inflammatory disease of hair follicle sebaceous gland in dermatology. Skin lesions often occur on the cheek, jaw and lower jaw, and can also accumulate on the trunk, such as the front chest, back and scapula. It is characterized by acne, papules, abscesses, nodules, cysts and scars, often accompanied by sebum overflow. It is prone to adolescent men and women, also commonly known as acne.

In the modern medical system, there is no obvious difference in the clinical treatment of acne in different parts. Doctors will first actively judge whether the patient’s acne is indeed acne. Once diagnosed, the treatment plan depends on the specific etiology and severity of acne, not the location.

The incidence of acne is related to the increase of androgen level and sebum secretion. Due to physical development, young men and women have strong androgen secretion, resulting in more sebum secreted by sebaceous glands. Sebum is mixed with exfoliated epidermal tissue to form substances like sediment to block pores, leading to the onset of acne.

In addition, acne infection is also related to bacterial infection, abnormal sebaceous keratosis, inflammation and other reasons.

Cause of Acne

1. Drug: Glucocorticoids and androgens can induce acne or aggravate acne.

2. Improper eating habits: High sugar diet or dairy products can induce or worsen acne, so eat less sweets, the whole fat and skimmed milk.Drinking yogurt is recommended.

3. In high temperature environment: Staying in the high temperature environment, such as in summer or kitchen. If you often apply oily lotion or foundation cream, it will induce acne. What’s more, wearing a helmet regularly may induce acne.

4. Psychological stress or staying up late

Facing to the acne, we recommend our Wego( Mei Defang) Acne cover.

Acne Cover

We have two types of acne cover, day use acne cover and night use acne cover.

Day use acne cover: segregate cosmetics, dusts, UV to avoid acne increasing.

Night use acne cover: work on the root of acne and inhibit its growth.

The acne cover can be applied well when using in the right way.

A. Gently clean and dry the wound with pure water or saline.

B. Remove the hydrocolloid from the release paper and apply it onto the wound.

C. Smooth out wrinkles.

D. Hydrocolloid will expand and bleach after absorbing the wound exudates, and will reach to saturation point after 24 hours.

E. Remove the hydrocolloid when exudates overflow, and replace a new one.

F. While removing, press one side and lift up the other side.

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